Thursday, May 3, 2012

Inner Space Cavern

Last Saturday we decided to take a little day trip. Tonto and the girl had been talking about a visit to Inner Space Cavern for a while since neither had been there since they were in third grade. For the record, I also hadn't been since that age. Needless to say, that was a bit longer for some of us than others.

Funny thing about this pic is normally she's the one I have a hard time getting to smile. Just caught him at an off moment :-)

The inside of the cave was really beautiful and the entire trip was rather educational. We're not the parents who always plan trips around that particular aspect so I kind of felt like giving Tonto a high five when we left!

Seriously, so beautiful...

...and apparently some people have had their weddings in this room with the lovely lake.

Personally, it was a bit humid back there for me to think of making vows or taking pictures that would last a lifetime but I'm sure it's a very unique setting for nuptials all the same.

Our tour guide, Amber, was quite a hoot. We definitely lucked out in that department.

And, though I did take quite a few pictures, I did not flash any of the bats.

From what Amber said, that can cause some pandemonium in the ol' cave. And, honestly, that's not something I want to be remembered for.

After touring the cave, Tay and I ventured into the gift shop...

...where she picked up some magnetic rocks, a necklace and a stick of rock candy for less than $10.

She is all about getting her money's worth in a gift shop. And she's an expert at spending it down to the last penny. :-)

She's her mother's daughter, for sure.

After a short drive back to Temple, we stopped at BJ's to eat because we were starving. It was 3:30pm and some of us (me!) were eating for the first time that day. In addition to yummy food, this is also where we learned two additional Baylor players (in addition to Robert Griffin III, Kendall Wright and Phillip Blake) had been drafted back to back. 

Now, we love Terrance Ganaway and Robert T. Griffin but, y'all, it was hard to swallow news that they would be playing for the New York Jets. So now I'll be cheering for the Redskins, Titans, Broncos and Ravens (Nicholas Jean-Baptiste signed later in the day).

Bless Tonto's heart, though, because he's a Cowboys fan through and through. I have no idea who he'll be cheering for this fall. But it is exciting to see our college boys all grown up and moving on to the next level. :-)

Almost as fun as spending a lackadaisical day with the man and the girl.