Monday, May 21, 2012

Weekly Top 10 - Recovering from Allergies Edition

1. This weekend was low key, even for our standards, because the girl was suffering from exhaustion and an allergy exacerbation. Not a good combination. She was allowed to go skating on Friday only as her classwork indicated last week that twice is too tiring. Sometimes it stinks being a grown up. :-(

2. Because T was relegated to hanging out with me while Tonto worked on Saturday, we went to see The Avengers. Really awesome movie, even for someone knows less than nothing about comics. Also, Robert Downey Jr. is hysterical.

3. While grocery shopping after church yesterday, I realized that Benadryl has a weird side effect for my girl. It removes her 'tween snarkiness and leaves a sweet and charming young lady in its wake. Awesome.

4. This has become my absolute favorite snack. Ever. Could eat my weight in them, which is why I have to make myself buy the 100 calorie packs.

5. This week the girl has a field trip to Hawaiian Falls Water Park and then a softball tournament on Friday. I took off so I could watch her last "field day" type activity. Sniff. Sniff.

6. On the bright side, that means I have a four day work week followed by a four day weekend. Score.

7. We're hanging out at my parents' house on Saturday for Memorial Day (early because Tonto is on call for the actual holiday) and I'm in charge of dessert. They have a fire pit. We're making s'mores. It was sort of a no brainer, right? :-)

8. The end of season volleyball party was a success even if the last game was not. T played amazingly well but I think most of the team was just ready for it to be over. They ended the season at .500 so I guess that's ok...the favors T gave her were cute!

9. I realized this morning we leave for New York in 2.5 weeks. So much to little time...

10. Asked T what she thought about trying shrimp tacos for dinner one night. She told me they should be "outlawed." Guess we'll stick to chicken, ribs, brisket and steak for the summer...

Happy Monday, y'all!