Tuesday, May 22, 2012

And Things Slow Down...

So it's the next to last week of school and you know what that means - field trips! Yep, my girl is at a new (well, revamped with new ownership) water park today. It's the Panther Pride celebration party. Think service projects. As in each student needs to complete 10 projects/hours to be able to attend.

T really thought this was fun because it meant she could hang out with her friends even more often. While she already had her 10 out of the way by Christmas, she continued to volunteer. Regardless of her main motivation, she does enjoy helping people and that made my heart happy. ;-)

Rambo is at school today. He was wishing time away last night just begging the clock to say it was "time."

We had such a calm evening last night it was almost odd. Tonto had dinner (chicken fajitas) cooking when I got home and we didn't have a volleyball game or practice to attend. Bittersweet. The girl's allergies still have her tuckered out by evening so she spent most of the night in her room resting, which meant we were left with all sorts of free time.

And had no idea what to do with it so we caught up on the DVR and flipped channels from wrestling to NBA playoffs to some show about motorcycle clubs.

I'm attempting to eat a bit healthier these days (hello, swimsuit season!) and part of that plan is bringing my lunch. Yesterday I recreated a salad from McAlister's (Savannah Chopped, I believe) with mixed greens, feta cheese, dried cherries, sliced apples and (not pictured) grilled chicken. 

It. Was. Delightful.

Also, who say I don't cook? :-)

Because of T's allergies and a long day in the water, I'm thinking she will not be up to tumbling this evening. Know what that means? Another quiet evening. Time to stock up on rest before the busy season of camps, trips and fun in the sun is upon us.

It's right around the corner, after all.