Monday, May 14, 2012

Mother's Day 2012

Our weekend began slowly as Tonto and I had dinner at Golden Corral (hello, chocolate fountain!) while the girl went skating (are you beginning to see a trend with her?) Friday evening. Saturday found us buying the girl new shorts for summer and me wondering where the chid with the long legs came from but that's another story entirely. :-)

She went skating again for a bit on Saturday and, before we knew it, Mother's Day was upon us. Tonto made pancakes while we got dressed for church and then we just hung around the house doing chores (ie laundry, mowing the yard, etc.) before heading to McGregor to meet my parents for dinner.

Our first choice for dinner apparently closes at 2pm on Sundays so we went to Plan B - Luigi's. It was sooooo yummy. But, then again, how could homemade Italian food not be awesome? And the cannoli at the end of the meal was delightful beyond words.

I am thankful for my mom and grateful to be a mom. And we, of course, had to snap a few pictures. Unfortunately, I learned that the diagonally striped blouse I'm sporting looks great in person but does not photograph well. At all. :-)

I cannot get this man to smile at me. He always gives me some type of funny face.

And my peeps.

And now it's Monday and we're looking at another week filled with volleyball games, the end of season party and a field trip for the girl. May is the month that just will not quit, friends. But it's always this way at the end of the school year, I suppose.

In an effort to let my bum knee heal (you're glad I've saved you the story...), I've decided to lay off working out this week. Because I generally do said work outs in the morning before work, that means a bit more sleep is coming my way. Suddenly the week is looking up!