Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Feed the Beaver!

Last Friday evening the girl and some friends spent the evening skating. Her latest obsession has really brought back a lot of memories, y'all, as I spent countless hours at the ol' rink back in my day. Of course, I also know what can go down there as well so she's absolutely mortified every time she returns and I thoroughly quiz her. 

But that's kind of my job, right? Balancing fun with responsibility. :-)

Tonto and I took this free evening opportunity to attend a Baylor baseball game. You know, the Bears team that had an unprecedented winning streak for most of the season, is currently ranked #1 or #2 in all polls and is slated to host both a regional and super regional by all projections.

So, yes, they're pretty darn good.

But we hadn't been to a game in person yet. That all changed and was made even sweeter by amazing weather and the generosity of a friend because we were able to sit in a box!

In the box next to us was the pitcher's family. They were precious. And so proud. As they should be.

After spending several years eating, breathing and sleeping baseball, I must admit that we've gotten away from it a bit. But, y'all, this perfect evening with a slight breeze made me remember all the things I love about America's favorite pastime.

From the music each batter chooses to announce their presence to aggressive baserunning, there are just so many little details that make up each game.

And it doesn't help when the unofficial mascot - a Beaver - makes a special appearance either.

You may ask why the beaver and it's because the previously mentioned winning streak began the day a beaver wandered up from the Brazos River. The team began feeding it acorns and a friendship was born. He's the good luck charm and even has his own Twitter account.

We were right above the Baylor dugout and could hear every word they were saying. So fun. And also quite amusing.

In the end, we shut down what I understand is a very good offensive team at New Mexico State.

And they are apparently also Aggies. Who knew?

The team is taking some time off for finals but we'll be ready to cheer for them all the way to Omaha once play resumes. The magic number is now 1 - so a win by us or a loss by UT clinches outright the Big 12 championship.

And the Year of the Bear continues!