Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Signs of Summer

School almost out, the weather has been beautiful (we've even gotten rain...in May...in Texas) and summer plans are in full effect. All these things together got me in the mood recently to spruce up our outside space.

Now, I'm an admitted brown thumb though the majority of that issue stems from the fact that I end up forgetting to water my plants so I decided to take baby steps this time. For starters I bought two new chair cushions and used a couple chairs from our old patio set. We have four more in the garage for the day that we truly have a patio again. Hoping that will be sooner rather than later. :-)

Usually cushions are really expensive (for a cushion anyway) but I found these on W*lmart's website for $15 each. Score! My mom was finished using this candelabra so it became a nice accessory. Just need to get a small side table and we'll be set.

As for flowers, I only have three pots right now. To make a little more impact, I went with three large planters instead of putting a bunch of tiny ones in every nook and cranny. And - to my astonishment - they're surviving and thriving more than a week later.

Miracles never cease, y'all!

And while you might be tempted to say it's only because of all the rain last week, the hibiscus below is the only one that's not on the porch so I can absolutely take credit for the other two, right?

It was also time to tell our Easter decorations goodbye for another year so the ever-changing apothecary jar is now sporting fruit. But we have big plans for it come Memorial Day so, you know, there's that to look forward to...

...and, because I bought too much grout and need to return a tub, there may be another plant at our home come Saturday. Maybe these will survive past mid-June...one can hope!