Thursday, May 17, 2012

Weekly Top 10 - The Weeks Fly By Edition

1. The weeks just keep flying by as the end of school - and beginning of what I hope will be a fun summer - begin. The girl will be busy with several camps and VBS again but there are a few trips planned as well. Busy but fun. I hope. :-)

2. I picked up our ceramic creations from Practically Pikasso last week and T's literal piggy bank turned out super cute. I made her a light switch cover for her closet door (last time we were there I did her main cover) and I think they both turned out great. Much better than some of our previous pieces. 

3. When we went to Golden Corral on Friday evening, Tay requested we grab her some cotton candy since she was going skating. I did. And I even photographed it but she wasn't hungry when she got home so it was left in a tall glass overnight. Know what happens when you leave cotton candy overnight? It disintegrates into a sticky, sugary mess on the cabinets.

4. Took this one Monday evening. Rambo goes to "school" every Tuesday and it's like he knows, y'all. Normally he cuddles with his dad but I get the honor every Monday night. Perhaps he thinks his chauffeur won't report for duty if he ignores her?

5. She makes me laugh. And she loves that "Rock, Paper, Sic 'em" t-shirt. Why? Because it's one of RG3's favorites.

6. Though my knee isn't the most troublesome one in the fam, I do actually have a bum one that goes all the way back to middle school. Most of the time it only bothers me when a storm is rolling in but a week or so ago I tweaked it getting into my (tall) SUV. And then, before it rebounded, slammed it into the side of the marble tub which, judging from the bruise that appeared, was somewhat traumatic. All that to say that I'm taking a week off of working out. It's both awesome and makes me feel like a slacker at the same time.

7. Side note: how is it I can do Zumba 4-5 times a week and then injure my knee getting into my car and stepping into the shower?

8. Side note #2: not working out apparently makes me super conscious of my diet. If I ever actually put diet AND exercise into place at the same time, I will be dangerous. The odds of that happening consistently, though, aren't likely. I mainly exercise so I can eat ice cream on the weekends. Just being honest.

9. I saw on someone else's blog that the front facing camera on their phone took some pretty grainy pics compared to rear facing. To find out if this occurred with the Droid Bionic, I tried a little experiment yesterday. Results: the front facing camera in my phone stinks as well. Big time.



Please note: I generally do not accessorize t-shirts with chunky turquoise jewelry. I had just gotten home from work :-)

10. Tonight is the last volleyball game of the season. While our hopes are that Taylor will make the team in 7th grade (and we have lots of summer instruction lined up to that end), I can't help but think that if it doesn't happen (last year they cut 75% of those who tried out) this might be the last time I see her play.

That's a depressing thought so I'm just going to focus on making cute favors for the team and coaches.