Friday, June 1, 2012

Hawaiian Falls

We woke up Sunday morning with a plan - a plan to hit up the newly renovated water park in Waco. Though we had Waco Waterpark for a few years, Hawaiian Falls bought the place last year and put a great deal of money into renovations and additions.
It. Was. Awesome.

To be able to have this type of summer fun (we're big water park people, folks) at our fingertips is such a blessings and plans to purchase season passes are in full effect. Just as soon as we get back from New York. :-)
In the distance of this picture you can see one of the new slide towers. It has two body slides and two tube slide as well...
These slides already existed and lead to a giant pool with lots of water cannons and fun for kids. And there's also a deeper area with benches where adults can sit in the middle of the action and keep an eye on 'tweens who are hanging with their friends. Just sayin'...

There is also another new tower that features 6-8 body slides but it wasn't open yet. Add in a football sized wave pool, a long lazy river and a competition pool that's been repurposed to house water games and you have a hit!

Taylor met up with several friends at the park and had an absolute blast. Tonto and I enjoyed some time alone checking out the features before watching the girl from afar. You know, just to make sure all was well...

I did ask her for a picture and this, friends, is what I got. Why? Because she had lunch with us and was ready to get back to her friends. And while it doesn't include a smile, I can assure you this is classic Taylor. I see this face a lot. :-)

We ended up leaving a bit earlier than I expected because T and her friends had plan to swim in one friend's pool for a while before heading to another friend's house to spend the night. It's exhausting to keep up with her schedule sometimes but I love it.

So Hawaiian Falls is a bit hit. I suspect we'll spend a ton o' time there this summer. Cannot. Wait.