Friday, June 22, 2012

Weekly Top 10 - NYC Edition

Wrapping up the "trip to NYC" coverage with the pics I took with my phone. While I cannot imagine anyone is still reading this miniseries, documenting it is important to me because who knows what I'll remember (much less remember correctly) in 10 years!

1. The girl's purchases at FAO Schwartz included this snazzy candy bar and two gummy rattlesnakes. Wouldn't have been my choices but both were quite tasty.

2. She was enamored at the 911 Memorial. She snapped a ton of pics to share with her friends.

3. This was her photo idea - she's pretty good, huh?

4. After running back to the hotel in the rain after our visit to the memorial and weathering the storm, we ventured out for dinner. And we found a George's so, of course, we had to eat there. 

5. George's is where we found this.

6. And George's also had an amazing bakery case. The red velvet was divine. Taylor, the cheesecake connoisseur of the family, gave it an A+ as well.

7. She wouldn't look at me but we were waiting for the subway to head over to the harbor. Let's just say the girl didn't really believe rats existed in the subway. And they most certainly do. She was not a fan. (No, we never came in close contact with one - just a sight from afar.)

8. Cupcakes from Crumbs - Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough and Orange Creamsicle. Heaven.

9. My girl loves to fly. And she prefers the window seat. She was, however, quite sleepy and our flight from Houston to Newark found her face-to-face with a male flight attendant who made it his goal to make her smile. It. Was. Awesome. He totally succeeded AND even gave a shoutout to "Sleepy" over the intercom.

10. Best thing about getting home? Actually getting into our OWN car and being able to drive. That whole public transportation thing is foreign to Southerners. :-)