Saturday, June 2, 2012

Memorial Day BBQ

By the time Memorial Day rolled around, we were almost worn out due to all of the fun we'd had throughout the weekend. The girl hung out at her friend's house until the afternoon so Tonto and I prepped for a Memorial Day feast.

Through that process, I learned a vital lesson: never, EVER cut and seed fresh jalapenos unless you're wearing gloves!

Why? Well, because the oil will get into your skin and if you're sensitive to it (like I am) your hands will be on fire for hours. Yes, hours. You may also begin to wonder just how vital your fingers are because it feels like life without them would be easier.

Your hands may turn red, swell up and begin to fester with oil burns. In short, it's not fun. 

If you're me, you'll scour the internet and try all sorts of remedies: milk, ice, ice water, sour cream, vinegar and shaving cream. Eventually you'll become so desperate you whine about it on Facebook and then a glorious thing may happen... a family member may indeed have the antecdote. Vanilla extract.

Yep, you read that right. It actually pulls the heat out of your hands. It will hurt while you're soaking them but when you take them out of this nectar of the gods, only a tingle will remain. And the liquid will be super hot.

Your hands will also look like you've played in mud pies for days. You will not care.

I promise.

We did eventually get around to cooking. Rambo is very serious about all things pertaining to food.

And Prissy keeps an eye on the cook from a distance as well.

The result was glorious, y'all.

And even though they caused me great pain, these suckers were delicious.

As was the Red Velvet Cake ice cream Tonto and the girl bought me after a trip to Walgreens to procure additional vanilla extract. :-)