Thursday, June 14, 2012

Dylan's Candy Bar

Our plan after The Met was to head over to Serendipity and try the famous frozen hot chocolate. That plan was quickly shot down, though, when we learned the wait was 45 minutes. We were hot. We were tired. And we were in desperate need to sit down and have a glass of water.

So we walked down the block to Dylan's Candy Bar.

We quickly went upstairs to the Cafe and ordered some delicious goodies to go along with our ice water. Tonto and I shared a cheesecake sundae while the girl opted for a Coke float. It was sooooo good. And the atmosphere was super fun. The tables, for instance, were filled with gumballs.

After resting for a bit, we headed downstairs to check out some of the goods.

Every kind of candy/sweet/dessert you can imagine was there in some fashion.

The choices were almost endless...

...and some of the packaging was very creative. And amusing.

The decorations were eclectic and fun. 

And this was the largest gumball machine I've ever seen. We quickly gave the girl a quarter and she retriever her red ball only to learn gumballs lose their flavor as quickly in New York as Texas. :-)

Though we didn't buy anything to take with us, you can be sure the girl rectified that situation at our next stop...

...which was FAO Schwartz. :-)