Monday, June 25, 2012

Leaving It On the Diamond

A few weeks ago, Baylor hosted a baseball Regional and the following weekend a Super Regional. Though I've had these pics for all that time, I honestly couldn't bring myself to write about it until now.

Let's start in the beginning...

Our first game was Friday night against Oral Roberts. And we lost. Yes, we lost to the #4 seed. And it was absolutely miserable.

But the sunset was delightful.

Our seats for the entire weekend were surrounded by what I initially called my "Grumpy Old Men." They each were keeping score and had opinions about the game that were based on the facts as they saw them. I, on the other hand, had some facts and a lot of emotion.

There. Were. Fireworks.

But, by the end of the weekend, we were all old pals and one was particularly precious.

Anyway, my mom came up on Saturday and we went to the game together. Despite the fact that I had a ticket for Taylor the entire time, she declined. So it was mother-daughter day at the ballpark.

And things went considerably better.

In fact, my favorite player - Josh Ludy - went a bit nuts and almost hit for the cycle. And I may or may not have tweeted that if Taylor was older, I would betroth her to him.

My mom's fav - Logan Vick - was also en fuego.

Did I mention it was about 110 degrees outside? The sweet players tipped their caps at the crowd for supporting them - en masse - in those conditions.

And then Taylor took our picture to prove we went...

Fast forward to Sunday when Tonto was working and Taylor still refused to attend a game with me. So I did what any self-respecting sports fan would do - went by myself.

Yep. Proudly.

And we won. Again.

That night I picked Tonto up from the hospital and headed back to the ballpark. I definitely told him if we began losing, he had to go. I could find a way home. He was on a short leash.

You think I'm kidding but baseball is a game of superstition, y'all, and I am serious about winning. Always. It's sort of an illness.

Luckily for him, we won!

And we won again Monday evening, which meant we hosted Arkansas (boo!) in the Super Regional the weekend we were in New York.

We watched the first game in the hotel. We won.

The second we watched at home as soon as we got back. We lost. In a horrible fashion. Absolutely. Awful.

At this point, we decided to find tickets and Tonto picked some up on BaylorFans. They were great seats and Monday night we found ourselves - flanked by my parents and one of my co-workers - in a pitcher's duel.

I hate pitching duels.

I prefer to be up by 10 runs at all times. {In football, it's 21 points. Baskeball is 20. And so on and so forth.}

{Yes, I am nuts.}

In the end, a decision that I did not at all agree with occurred. In my opinion, it possibly changed the outcome of the game.

But what will never change is our allegiance to the Bears.

And we are also now huge Jake Miller fans.

The. End.