Friday, June 15, 2012

FAO Schwartz

After being revived by a sugar rush, we happily headed on another jaunt over to FAO Schwartz. As it turned out, the girl didn't really care about seeing the toys or the giant piano. She headed straight to the sweet stuff.

Did I mention we encountered a rainstorm on the way? And that Tonto bought some teenager's umbrella off him so I would get soaked? :-)

Love. This Picture.

Even though we were there just a year ago, the store had undergone some significant changes. At least in the area we were shopping.

She was fascinated by all the choices.

Such a fun atmosphere.

This is where it's at, friends.

Obviously I was enamored by the decorations.

After browsing all of the selections, the girl finally chose some gummy rattlesnakes (they were at least two feet long) and a chocolate I <3 NY candy bar.

This was probably one of her favorite stops because she also got to see the glass Apple store. Though she didn't want to go underground and see it (the cube was dripping a bit in the rainstorm), she thought it was super cool.

Revived by super and shopping, we headed over to Rockefeller Center to view the city from Top of the Rock...