Monday, November 21, 2011

Best. Sports. Weekend. Ever.

Y'all. Where do I even begin?

Last Friday began what may be one of the most exciting sports weekends I've ever experienced. It began with our high school team winning and advancing to the next round of the state playoffs. Very exciting!

But, friends, there was so much more excitement to come. We. Had. No. Idea.

Saturday we headed over to Floyd Casey to tailgate and then ventured into the stadium where we were to play Oklahoma. As in the No. 5 Sooners.

Now, we all know how much I love Baylor but my hopes for blowing this game out were low. Not because I don't believe in our guys - I do! - but because I try to be a realist. It's best for my blood pressure. I was praying we were going to be competitive and see a good game.

And we did. Well, we saw half of it. Let's just say crutches and recovering from surgery aren't exactly conducive to watching football. At least not in person. 

We made it to halftime but watched (with eyes half opened at times) from home and, y'all, I was literally kneeling on the floor in prayer at one point. But you know what?

Art Briles and company knocked off the #5 Sooners!!!

And the fans rushed the field...

This was a huge team effort, friends, but we all know who the Heisman candidate is, right?

And then on Sunday the #1 Lady Bears hosted the #2 Lady Irish for the Preseason WNIT Championship.

And. We. Won.

I mean, seriously, can it get any better? And did I mention our men's basketball team (No. 9) beat San Diego State last week as well?

It's almost more than my competitive little heart can handle.

But, given my Louisiana heritage, is it really that surprising? I mean, there's another Louisiana native at Baylor who's a bit competitive as well...

Happy Monday, friends, and Sic 'em Bears!!!!