Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Homecoming 2011

Baylor Homecoming was this past weekend and was, as usual, an amazing time. I must admit to not going all out this year. We didn't even attend the parade.

I know, I know, but it had been a really long week and the girl asked if she could sleep in and have Shipley's for breakfast. We had also planned to watch the parade while eating said breakfast but she wasn't awake in time. It is on our DVR, though, so there's that...

We also didn't attend Bonfire because we were at the Midway football game. We did, however, show up at the stadium bright and early to set up our tent in the very windy conditions. In honor of the LSU/'Bama showdown - GEAUX TIGERS! - we had jambalaya and red beans. It was sooooo good, y'all. Totally hit the spot :-)

March of the Bears was extra festive this time. I even got high fives from RG3, Big Griff and Ahmad Dixon. I may never was that hand again...ok, totally kidding - I washed it shortly after but still...

After stuffing ourselves with the yummy Cajun food, we headed inside to catch the tail end of warm ups and the band's pregame show. Coach Art Briles even stepped up his game for this special occasion and donned a Vegas gold pullover instead of his traditional white. Step back, CAB!


New for this game but the ginormous traveling camera that was rigged with cables from a number of light poles. As the ball kept sailing through them during kickoffs, I wondered what would happen if it actually hit one of the cables. Interference by an inanimate object? :-)

The alumni band was on hand to do "script Baylor."

And my girl and her friend got their faces painted. Funny story #1 - the girl's friend dropped her phone onto the field while trying to film the players running out of the tunnel. One of the freshmen who's redshirting this year picked it up and kept running to the sideline. The girls finally retrieved the phone shortly before the end of the game but, let me tell you, that video is priceless. He had no idea he was being recorded for a good 5-7 minutes.


Why do they think this is funny?

After much gnashing of teeth, wondering if the officials had a nice trip from Missouri to Waco (we were playing Mizzou), biting my fingernails, and not watching most of the game (I was bad luck - every time I looked something went terribly awry), we went into our prevent defense and allowed them to score once more so we could get the ball back.


We were, in fact, on the 10 yard line and could have scored again but Coach Briles is all about not crushing people's spirits. I said I like him - not that we agreed on every point of the game! :-)

Funny story #2 - my girl came running toward the car after the game and presented us with her new prized possession - one of Kendall Wright's game gloves. She is still absolutely beside herself. You see, he gives them away every game and he threw one to her at the last home game but it slipped out of her hands. A little boy grabbed it and ran with it.

Well, this time, a little boy caught it and ended up giving it to Taylor because he saw how much she wanted it. So she spent the ride home watching the funny video on her friend's phone and marveling at how large Kendall's hands are...she clearly did not expect him to wear an extra large. :-)

It was a delightful evening and I'm so happy my parents were there with us while Tonto was working. Only a few more days of work for him, though, as surgery is just around the corner. That's another post for another day, though.

Happy Wednesday, friends :-)