Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Over in a Flash

So last Friday was the last regular season football game for our high school. It was a beautiful - and very cold - evening. Basically, it was perfect for a Friday night game.

We got there very early (the girl was thrilled about that, let me tell you) so we had a chance to snap some shots closer to the field. Generally by the time we get there it's very crowded and just not worth fighting folks for a good shot but this time was a little different.

We had a chance to watch warm-ups, which is just as exciting as you might imagine.

And to see our opponent - the Killeen Kangaroos - warm up as well.

Next it was time for the Goal Tenders and band to march around the track and take their places.

There was no wind. Thankfully. Can't imagine how cold it would have been had there been a few gusts here and there!

The game was well in hand for the Panthers from the get go so we were able enjoy the game and visit without being super stressed. :-)

We're currently utilizing a three quarterback carousel, which appears to be rather effective. My understanding is this makes it very hard for a defense to adapt on the fly. All I know is it improved our play significantly in the middle of the season.

It was Senior Night so all of the seniors were honored either before the game or at halftime. Dave's cousin, Bri, is a cheerleader. Here she is with her little sister and Dave's aunt and uncle.

Yes, Dave and his uncle are very close in age. :-) They're an awesome family and she is an amazing young lady.

Before long it was time to bid adieu to this part of fall 2011. They'll be playing at Cowboys Stadium on Thursday evening in the first round of the playoffs. We have a prior commitment on Friday, though, so we'll miss this go round. Seeing as Tonto will have 6-8 weeks off after surgery, I'm hoping they continue to win because a man after surgery who can't take a field trip or two is a very cranky man.

At least in my experience.

Happy Wednesday, friends!