Monday, November 7, 2011

Let Them Eat Cake

A week ago Sunday my mom hosted a wedding reception for her best friend, Anna, who recently got married in her hometown. She and her man are moving to Dallas so this was a time to celebrate and wish them well in their new adventures. 

And to enjoy this...

Seriously - who can turn down wedding cake?!?!

My mom outdid herself (as always) with the food and decorations. There were even edible flowers garnishing all of the platters. Like I said, FANCY! :-)

The bride and groom - don't they look giddy?

Proof my child was in attendance. As I believe I've mentioned a time of 20, she's not all that fond of the camera these days.

Love this pic!

The hosts! This was the first time they've entertained in their new home and it was a huge success. And also, their house is set up perfectly for entertaining. I'm really looking forward to Thanksgiving :-)

After the festivities, we headed to church where Tay was working at the Fall Festival. It was a busy day but was super fun.

And, yes, I have pictures to share from the weekend but not as many as one might believe. When you're too busy biting your fingernails throughout a game, it's somewhat difficult to take photos. Who knew?!?!

So I'll meet you here tomorrow. Ok? :-)

Happy Monday!