Thursday, November 10, 2011

Puppy Love

Guess who wanted to say hello?!?!

And big sister too!!!

Perkie, as usual, fled as soon as the camera made an appearance but just pretend this is her instead of another adorable pic of Sir Rambo. :-)

So we learned this morning that Tonto will report for surgery at 9:30am tomorrow. We've been eagerly anticipating the time but they apparently don't provide that information until the day before. Which totally makes sense because it's not like some people live over an hour from the hospital and have children whose schedules need to be worked out in advance...

Oh wait, yes there are...

Anyway, we are grateful the time was set and are looking forward to getting this over with and moving on to the next adventure on the list. Personally, I would give a lot for anesthesia-induced sleep and eight weeks off work. Even if it was due to surgery. :-)

I'll be back next week with what are sure to be some funny photos of Tonto. As many times as we've done this, you would think it would be old hat but it's still my man. Who I will make fun of regardless of surgery. Because he would totally do the same to me :-)