Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Thanksgiving, Part Two

After lunch and picture taking at my parents', we headed home to bake an apple pie (side note: do you know how many women will stop you when there's a froze pie in your cart and give you tips on how to make it look homemade??) and slice up the lemon squares to take to dinner with Tonto's family.

I'm really blessed because I absolutely love my in-laws. Super laid back, not an ounce of possessiveness and they love my girl. While there, we watched the first half of the A&M/Texas game. I will refrain from any comments about that contest because the Lord has taught me that talking trash about other teams does not bode well for Baylor's next competition.

Not. At. All.

After dinner and the game, we headed home to pack and get ready for a couple of days that were absolutely packed with activity, adventure and fun. Oh. My. Word. It will seriously go down as one of my favorite weekends ever. And since we all know I'm not prone to exaggeration (Ahem.), clearly it must have been awesome, right? :-)

As promised, here are some additional pictures taken during our little Thanksgiving session. Aren't they cute?

Taylor took care of the props ;-)

Happy Tuesday, friends!