Thursday, November 3, 2011

Weekly Top Ten

1. Baylor Homecoming is this week, which means work has been busy, busy, busy. Love it! (both Homecoming and being busy in general)

2. I'm almost convinced sixth grade is trying to kill me. Couple more challenging coursework with a 'tween who really doesn't care about anything other than a social life and you have a recipe for disaster.

3. And by 'disaster' I mean she has some high B's in classes there's no reason she shouldn't have an A. That may seem a bit harsh but I'm really trying to instill good habits now. Before high school.

4. Thinking about her being in high school just gave me a chill. Hold. Me. Please.

5. Rambo went to the vet this morning for his annual check-up. He got an A+++++ and is good to go for another year now. So thankful he's healthy. It's a definite departure from our experience with Bo.

6. A front came through last night and it's chilly today. Can't tell you how happy that makes me.

7. Christmas shopping has begun in earnest. I try to get all of it done in November so we can enjoy the events and spirit of the season during December. And when you give someone who's borderline OCD a task, it's on like donkey kong!

8. I really want to see the Bears notch their fifth win this weekend. They've only lost one game I thought they would win (lookin' at you, K-State, who came out of nowhere!) but I'm got Mizzou as a 'W'. Don't let me down, boys!

9. I'm a bit too competitive. Clearly.

10. I just realized recently that Tonto's surgery is next week. Funny how things like that sneak up on me... :-)