Tuesday, November 8, 2011


This time of year we find ourselves glued to the television on Saturday mornings to see what headgear Lee Corso is going to don. Lately he's done it in quite a cold fashion as he did this past weekend. I was, of course, on board with his pick of the LSU Tigers. And he was proven right so, you know, GEAUX TIGERS!!!

Before we headed out to the last regular season high school game on Friday, my girl decided to don her own headgear...

...and clearly Rambo was over the moon with happiness about a photo. Guess she's rubbing off on him?

She picked this up with some birthday money a couple of weeks ago but, unfortunately, our support didn't help the Rangers to seal the deal.

One. Out. Away. On. Two. Different. Occasions.

Not that I'm bitter, though. Or competitive. Or hold a grudge.

And considering it was two degrees below frigid before the game ended on Friday, my girl apparently made a wise choice.

Even if she had absolutely had enough of picture taking long before I was finished photographing her beautiful smile :-)