Friday, March 23, 2012

Weekly Top 10 - Winding Up the Trip Edition

So I'm winding down on the trip recap today (you're welcome) and also found a few fun photos on the camera Taylor has been carrying around so I thought it would be fun to share those as well. Here we go...

1. The girls truly spent as much time as humanly possible at the hotel pool. It was an indoor pool and the entire hotel was enclosed and centered around a giant atrium so it was an easy trek. They loved it!

2. After breakfast on Sunday (which was early because, well, we were traveling with Tonto), we headed back to Waco but I wanted to take a few pictures of the hotel first because it was so amazing. The darkness of these photos clearly exhibits to me that we were up way too early.

3. The good thing about heading out early, though, was that we got to see this little guy and his sisters. We had missed them terribly. They, on the other hand, had a blast at Cousin Camp. :-)

4. Both the Bears and Lady Bears play Sweet Sixteen games this weekend. The men tonight and the women tomorrow afternoon. I'm so ready for the game to get here and be over with and I may be a tiny bit nervous. I feel pretty confident the women will take care of business but you just never know who will win a men's basketball game in the tournament. 

5. We were going to take Rambo to Bark in the Park at Baylor this evening but it got rescheduled to Sunday due to the men's game tonight. Unfortunately, Tonto has to work and I'm really not brave enough to take this little gunshy guy in public by myself so he'll have to wait until next year. Good thing we hadn't already told him!

6. Several weeks ago there was a talent show at Tay's school. While she turned down all offers to perform, she really wanted to see all of her friends' acts. She had a blast, which I think is obvious from this picture. Love. Her. So.

7. Judging by the 20+ photos she took in the carwash (how did I not know this was going on?), I'd say my girl loves the carwash just as much now as she did when she was little. Way too many things change as she grows up but I'm thankful for little reminders now and then that she's still just my baby at heart. :-)

8. I'm on the hunt for a good bluebonnet patch this weekend. Last year I was way too preoccupied when they came out in full force (late April) so we didn't get any pics. I'm hoping my plan to take Rambo along will get the girl to willingly smile.

9. I also owe her a frozen yogurt trip because she made all A's on her report card. Not that she's done poorly up to this point but math always ends up a high B and this time it didn't so we're celebrating. 

10. So very thankful the weekend is here. When you have raging storms early in the week that keep your spastic pup from sleeping a wink, you end up not sleeping a wink either. This leads to exhaustion and crankiness. Well, it does if you're me anyway. We love Perk but, gracious, her phobia made the week difficult. Here's to catching up on sleep and looking into buying a Thunder Jacket for the girl soon...

Happy weekend, y'all!