Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Day o' the Leprechaun

So in addition to being on a mini vacay last Saturday, it was also a little holiday called St. Patrick's Day. Though we always decorate for this day, we usually don't do much to celebrate it, to be really honest. Don't get me wrong - the girl always has a cute shirt but sometimes she refuses to wear it because "daring people to pinch me is more fun."

This year, though, a little peer pressure led to conformation and she did actually wear the shamrock shirt on the actual day...

...though we didn't proclaim any of these... :-)

Before we left town, the girl and I took on a little Pinterest project that was so easy it was almost comical. This could also be done for pretty much any holiday. Just dip the end of marshmallows in water and then into the sprinkles of your choice....

...and print out some bag toppers (found these for free via Pinterest as well) and you have a super easy and cute treat for the kiddos (or adults) in your life who like a little sugar from time to time.

Also got these labels from Pinterest. They're technically for water bottles but those already had labels so we made the sodas more festive instead.

Saturday morning I got up early and, while Tonto was at the gym, I put together these bags for the girls to find when they woke up. Everything pictured (except the confetti eggs) came from Dollar Tree. For $15 I filled two bags completely full. They were a hit!

And since we're talking about the day o' luck, I finally got the rest of my decor pics to upload.

Clearly I'm a little holiday obsessed. One year I decided to make a wreath for each holiday so now I have one for almost every time of year. It was time intensive during that first year but I'm so happy to have all of them hanging in my garage now. :-)

Decorating for other holidays came a bit easier because you can find tons of Valentine's and Easter decorations at Goodwill. And they're really good ones for almost nothing. I haven't been as lucky for St. Pat's Day, though, so I just try to pick up a few things each year.

Quite frankly, you never know what you'll find hanging around our little abode. But it's almost certain to be somewhat festive at most times of the year...which is one of the things I pray my girl will remember as she grows up. Life is guaranteed to be tough and will not always be fair. But there is always something to celebrate. No matter how dark the day appears.