Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Weekly Top 10 - Spring Break Edition

1. So it's Spring Break, which means things have been really quiet (and nice) around the office. Lots of projects are moving in the right direction thanks to a productive few days so I'm going to take off the rest of the week and have big fun with my man, the girl and one of her friends. 

2. I'm so excited about the next few days, y'all. Perhaps even more than my girl. But that's only because she doesn't know about all of my surprises yet, one of which is St. Patrick's Day goodie bags that include glow sticks, hair glitter and other leprechaun-y items. :-)

3. Yesterday was Prissy's birthday. She is now seven, which means she's come a looooong way from the tiny puppy we never had a clue would grow up to be 120 pounds. To celebrate, Rambo (being a good little brother), picked out some treats from the case at Dogtopia yesterday. The girls were very appreciative.

4. It occurred to me about 10pm last night that I should get a picture of the birthday girl. Tonto had already turned off his lamp (something about having to be at work at 6am) so the only light was the television. And let's just say P was more interested in sleeping...but she's still sweet...

5. And she can also give you the cold shoulder when she really wants you to put the phone down.

6. And then she turns on the pitiful face to the point that Tonto says, "Please just let that poor dog go to sleep..."

7. Yesterday also brought an amazing announcement for the Baylor family as Drayton McLane and his family have made the lead gift for a new football stadium, which will be call Baylor Stadium. Having worked for D and knowing a bit about his heart, I really felt like this was coming but it's so nice for it to be official. And we cannot wait to pick out our new season tickets in the stadium along the banks of the Brazos River.

8. I'm not a fan of humidity. I can handle cold, rain and heat. But just hold the humidity, please. 

9. In reference to #8, let's just say the Lord is laughing at me this week because it's been nothing but humid.

10. I won't be back on the ol' blog until Monday since we'll be having big fun and all. But I promise to return with pictures (actually taken with a real camera and not my phone) and some type of random story because that always happens when we embark upon an adventure.