Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Unfinished Business

So...they did it, y'all! The Lady Bears won the Elite Eight game last night versus Tennessee and they are headed to the Final Four in Denver. We could not be more proud of this team. Made me think back to an evening in February when we celebrated the Big 12 season championship with them on the floor of the Ferrell Center.

I have no doubt the confetti flowed last night en masse and, because of Twitter, I can confirm that Odyssey - who had the game of her life - is sporting her newest championship hat in class today. As I hope many other members of the team are because they deserve some love from their fellow students. They make many sacrifices daily...so many that go unnoticed unless you know their hectic schedule.

And while I can't begin to imagine what type of daily schedule they keep or how they have the energy to do so (youth is a glorious thing, no?), there is one thing I know for sure...this team is not finished. They continue to have...

...unfinished business. So we'll continue to cheer them on for the remainder of their record breaking season. However long that may be.