Friday, March 9, 2012

Luck o' the Irish

So we're in the throes of March Madness and that can only mean one thing for home decorating at our house: it's St. Patrick's Day season.

Yes, as we've discussed before, I do decorate for all holidays. It keeps things fun, my girl likes to participate and - because I'm such a sanguine - constantly changing things up is kind of my thing.

We revamped the apothecary jar that currently adorns the dining table. We make a point to sit down and have family dinner each night so we spend lots of time here. We also always have salt and pepper shakers on the table, which led me to wonder why we don't have seasonal shakers...hence the shamrock shakers in the photo. Love. Them.

Lightweight foam beads and foam shamrocks made for an easy (and stress free) switcharoo...

There are also a few leprechauns adorning our shelves right now as well. Unfortunately, some are apparently shy as not all of my pictures uploaded. Guess that means there's more green fun coming up next week as well.

Not only does this table have a sweet bear and green vase but we also have a new lamp. I absolutely LOVE it. It was sort of a necessity as the original lamp became a casualty during a pillow fight. My girl thinks "it looks like it's wearing a belt...that's not normal for a lamp."

I, on the other hand, find it delightful.

On an entirely unrelated note, it's a seriously cold, windy and dreary day in Central Texas. But Spring Break is upon us so here's hoping it clears up before we attempt to have some fun in the sun next week. Tonto is working this weekend so the girl and I plan to do a little swimsuit shopping.

Yes, I realize it's early March but I have a daughter who's almost 5'6" tall. The selection gets rather slim very quickly, friends. Like in an instant.

We also plan to grocery shop, do a bit of laundry, go to church, play with the puppies and maybe even see a movie. Clearly we're planning to live on the edge.

Happy weekend!