Monday, March 5, 2012

Lackadaisical Weekend

Last Tuesday I finally decided I was, indeed, so sick that a visit to the doctor was warranted. I'd been fighting allergy related drainage/cough/general icky feeling since the Friday before and my regular medication cocktail was doing nothing to help.

In fact, I was struggling to talk for the first two to three hours after I woke in the morning and was almost convinced a baby elephant really was sitting on my chest at all times. Not good signs, friends...

The problem was that I've been in this cycle for the past four months. I've been seen and prescribed new medication every four weeks...steroids...then antibiotics when the steroids didn't work...feel good for a couple of weeks and begin the cycle again...

I was pretty much done with that so I called my allergist's office and begged to see her. It took some time to convince the nurse I didn't have a bacterial infection (which would have sent me back to my regular doc) but eventually I was given appointment.

Turns out that was the best possible outcome because the doc was alarmed at how ill I was, indicated that being on steroids that much was absolutely not the answer (thank you, Jesus!), administered pulmonary function tests because she was afraid I had developed allergy induced asthma (I passed), and basically told me to go home and go to bed because I was on the cusp of pneumonia.

Good times, friends. Good. Times.

She gave me a ton of medication, including an antibiotic that must contained gold flecks based on the price, and I spent the next two days in bed. The good news is I am improving. The bad news is sometimes it takes a village of medication to heal a person.

And that photo doesn't include the sinus wash (2x daily), steam treatments and doubled allergy injections. But I am much better. And thankful to be among the land of the living this week. :-)

That's a really long explanation to admit I slept most of the weekend and haven't uploaded pics from our one outing, which was the Lady Bears last basketball game...

It was fun even though I couldn't jump up and down, yell, cheer, etc. Basically, I just had to sit there or I would lapse into a coughing fit. But we did get a picture with some awesome football players afterward and the Lady Bears finished the season undefeated.

And as soon as I find the energy to upload and edits said pics, I'll share them... :-)