Tuesday, March 20, 2012

'Twas a Springy Break Indeed

Last Friday we set out for Six Flags Over Texas with two tween girls, loads of excitement and some surprises in store. We got there right as the park opened, found a second (less crowded) entrance and set off for our adventure immediately.

After stopping for a couple of quick pictures...

...we hopped on the first ride of the day.

Next up was Pandemonium, which had a rather long wait. It was super fun and the girls and I (Tonto can't spin anymore) emerged rather dizzy.

At this point, we realized the Spring Break crowd was absolutely insane so Tonto ventured off to purchase a Flash Pass (worth every penny, friends) so we could ride everything in one day and not have to return on a Saturday. Best. Decision. Ever.

While he was waiting in line for the pass, we made our first trip to the log ride and then met back up with him before hitting the Batman rollercoaster.

After a very brief wait...

...it was time...

...and it was pretty amazing, to be honest. Of course, I'm also an adrenaline junkie. Next up was an oldie but goodie - the Judge Roy Scream!

The girls waited a bit longer so they could ride in the front.

Next was Superman where my girl screamed the entire time.

It really is a pretty weird feeling. And we were also feeling hungry. Our first choice was Johnny Rockets but the long line for a $12 hamburger was unappealing so we hit the pavement and walked to a nearby Subway. Also a good idea because it was air conditioned, had plenty of seating and - best of all - there was no line for the restroom. Score!

After retrieving our Fast Pass again, we decided a water ride was in order and chose another staple of the amusement park experience - Roaring Rapids...

...where we got soaked to the bone, y'all.

Things got a bit fuzzy at this point but we also - at some point - rode the Titan (best rollercoaster EVER), the Flashback (probably never again), thought about waiting in line for the new Texas Giant and then decided against it, rode the log ride again and then ventured over to Yosemite Sam's Gold River Adventure.

While waiting here we learned that Mizzou had lost in the first round of the tournament. That didn't make us the least bit sad, to be quite frank.

We also hit Runaway Mountain again (this time in complete darkness, which was pretty awesome), the Aquaman (I remember it as Splashdown) and the Mine Train (another must)...our plan was to ride Titan once more but, as we were walking up to the line, the ride closed.

So, instead, the girls pulled out their cash and made some very special purchases. Please note in particular my girl's stylish sunglasses that include a mustache. According to her, "mustaches are very in right now."

Honestly, the only thing we didn't do at the park was La Vibora (closed), Mr. Freeze (also closed) and the carnival games (they wanted to spend money elsewhere). It was such a sweet and fun day, y'all. I really enjoyed it but was sooooo tired by the time we checked into the hotel.

Since we were beat, we decided to order pizza. Let me suggest that you not choose Pizza Hut in Irving. After having to call three different locations because they couldn't decide who delivered to our hotel, and two botched (they couldn't find our room) delivery attempts, we opted instead for Whataburger.

At this point, it was midnight. And it was delicious. And we all promptly hit the hay after deciding the next day's adventure would at the Ft. Worth Zoo. What the girls didn't realize is a little leprechaun would visit that night...more on that tomorrow. :-)