Friday, March 2, 2012

Senior Night for Our Bears

Monday night we did indeed go to the men's basketball game for senior night. Unfortunately, my allergies kicked into overdrive yet again and I got sick. Like, really sick. I was in bed for two days and have a mini-pharmacy hanging out on my nightstand. But I am better and my allergist has a new plan that will hopefully keep me from getting sick every four weeks. :-)

I guess that's my way of saying this post is late because I've been sick. But using those few words would be totally unlike me...

While we were waiting for the game to start, they put the Lady Bears/A&M game on the jumbo screen. It was stressful, y'all, but the better team did prevail. And by that I mean Baylor won.

Then it was time to recognize our three amazing seniors for all their contributions to the team the past four years. These are amazing men, y'all.

Fred Ellis (aka The Scholar, FreddyE3)

Anthony Jones (aka Ant, Dreads, Brittney Griner - think hair...)

Quincy Acy (aka Kanga Monkey, Q, Cookie Monster)

We were also blessed to have the National Anthem sung by Anthony Evans, Jr. He's the brother of Priscilla Shirer and their dad is Tony Evans Sr. He's also currently on The Voice and, friends, he brought down the house!

It was a rousing first half if you are a Baylor fan. If not, well, it was probably very painful.

Mamadou Diene (former Bear and "The Mayor") recently won Dancing with the Stars of Waco, which benefited a local charity, and showed his moves during halftime. So fun!

Before you knew it halftime was over and it was back to business.

The seniors played a lot, chants for each were heard loud and clear, and it was was just a super fun and relaxing half that included many dunks. This may have been the least stressed I've been all season, truth be told.

And the game ended something like this...except we scored more points in that two minutes and 40 seconds. They, on the other hand, did not.

But what my girl had really been waiting for was the after game festivities. We heard from each of the seniors and then Coach Drew prayed for them (boy can preach, friends) and my parents headed home while we waited...and waited...and get these...

Quincy Acy

Anthony Jones

Quincy Miller (future NBA lottery pick)

Pierre (P-Jack) Jackson

And she also got her Cookie Monster hat signed. It was really late. It was a school night. And I really didn't feel well but it was totally worth it to make memories with my girl. 

Also, I have been carrying a Sharpie around for a year so she could get that hat signed only to learn she had taken it out of my camera case and forgot to return it a few days before. Thank you to the sweet student who let Taylor borrow her hot pink marker!

Look what Texas Tech graduate donned his gold for the game :-)

It's almost a smile - funny how she smiles so big with the athletes but I can barely get a grin...

It was such a fun, relaxed evening...and we will miss these seniors so much but we've entered the month of Madness so here's hoping we see them play throughout the month of March.

Sic 'em, Bears!