Monday, March 26, 2012

Weekly Top 10 - Somewhat Coherent Edition

Because I didn't take a single picture over the weekend, we're starting the week off this way. Hopefully the excitement level will pick up tomorrow or Wednesday but - full disclosure - I make absolutely no promises.

1. Friday evening we dined on pizza while watching the Baylor men's game. These are such amazing young men and we were incredibly proud as they advanced to the Elite Eight again. They played their hearts out and I really need one of those "One Team. One God. One Goal." shirts...

2. We ran a bunch of errands on Saturday while the girl was working at a school carnival. She actually completed all of her service hours for Panther Pride more than a month ago but she continues to volunteer, which makes me incredibly happy. She's an amazing kiddo.

3. While running said errands, Tonto and I were discussing the women's upcoming Sweet Sixteen game and also that we were a bit nervous our boys would not get a fair shake when playing Kentucky. Then I saw this and realized, regardless of any outcome, things could be worse.

4. Our women did win that game and Brittney threw down a monstrous two-handed jam. It was amazing, y'all, and I so hope you got to see it! Here's hoping she throws another down tonight against Tennessee. And also that they don't have any shaky officiating.

5. Speaking of shaky officiating, let's talk about the Baylor v. Kentucky game for a minute, shall we? If you don't think officials can - and do - control the outcome of games, I encourage you to go look at the box score of that game. While nothing can take away the tremendous amount of pride we have in our guys, they deserved better, in my opinion.

6. Because I was afraid #5 would occur, I agreed to take the girl to see The Hunger Games yesterday afternoon. She has read the book (as have most of her friends) though I have not. Quite frankly, I was not very excited about the film as I'm more of a romantic comedy type of girl. But, I must say, it was phenomenal. And though the concept is somewhat disturbing, there's more violence in some television shows than this movie.

7. I've had a couple of people ask me why I let her read this book so let me explain. For one, it's a work of fiction. I had a very pointed conversation about that with her before even buying it for her. Also, many of the reading/literature teachers are requiring it for accelerated readers. And, to be quite frank, she knew most of the plot before cracking a page because her friends had all read it. Therefore, I decided it would be better to initiate and be a part of the conversation rather than let her get all information from third parties. 

I'm really not defending my decision - because it was right for us - but wanted to explain a bit. I have a very mature child who saw it for what it was...a story that was not real.

8. We didn't end up taking bluebonnet pictures because we were trying to get home in time for the game Saturday afternoon. I'm still hopeful, though...

9. Our home has been decorated for the happiest season of the year (in my opinion) - Easter! Something about those decorations, the messages at church this time of year, and the beautiful wildflowers make my heart very happy. :-)

10. This morning I burned the fingerprints off one digit on my left hand with the flat iron. It was painful but nothing a little pressure from a Spongebob bandaid couldn't help. Besides, someone had to rescue Rambo, who was stuck under the bed yet again...

Happy Monday, y'all!