Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Weekly Top 10

I have no idea why I just titled this "Weekly Top 10" seeing as I've not ever written a list of this sort on the blog before but, you know, here we go...

1. My girl continues to improve daily from her bout with strep. Perhaps she'll be able to eat foods with texture by the weekend?
2. Said girl has apparently been tracking the size and condition of her tonsils daily by examining them in the mirror with her tongue out. Very scientific, no? She does report the size has gone from THIS BIG to This Big. As I said, very scientific.
3. It's hot, y'all. I realize we live in Texas but, sweet mercy, my hair products and I were not built for this type of heat in June. Even August was questionable but definitely NOT June...
4. Said Texas heat clearly doesn't give a rip what I think about it.
5. We were cleared for VBS last night and it was soooo much fun. I loved it. The girl loved it. Tons of other kiddos loved it. And the Lord was glorified. So, you know, win-win-win.
6. Rambo is currently attending Wet and Wild Wednesday at Dogtopia. It's Back to the Beach week. He refused to wear doggie swim trunks or take his beach towel but did jump in the air and turn a mid-air circle when we walked in the door. He hides his excitement well.
7. Tonto is working a marathon stretch this week. He's still in good spirits, though, and I'm praying the exhaustion doesn't catch up with him too quickly. This is day two of a six day stretch. Did I mention he works 12-hour shifts?
8. A little pearl of wisdom learned this week: bad hair color can be fixed almost immediately but a bad cut grates on your nerves for weeks. You can take that one to the bank, girlfriend.
9. I heart Living Social. Seriously. Groupon is good, too, but they aren't specific to Waco. We may or may not plan our weekends around the deals we've got stocked up. Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory anyone?
10. My phone was recently wiped of all data due to an update. Personally, I think "update" may be a misnomer in this situation but the result is I put out a message on Facebook for those who are willing to hear from me again to message me their number. I've gotten three responses. Who knew this would be such a humbling experience? No, my husband was not one of the three. He didn't get a choice. :-)

Happy Wednesday!