Monday, June 20, 2011

Weekend Recap

So I hear we just had a weekend but I'm having a bit of trouble recalling ours due to the copious amounts of allergy medication I currently need in order to function. Please don't be fooled - it's definitely a minimum amount of functionality we're talking about here, folks.

I'm sure the good Lord has a reason for all of the wind but I must admit that reasoning is absolutely lost on me. Every time I walk outside my sinuses swell up immediately. It's not good. Or pretty. Not even a little bit, friends.

Anyway, we did indeed have a nice weekend. The girl and I had a fabulous day Saturday. We hit Chick-fil-a with coupons for free sandwiches (thanks, Davey!) and then headed over to Practically Pikasso to use a Living Social voucher. 

She chose to make a cheeseburger piggy bank. The obvious choice for functionality, right? At least the lettuce is lime green to match her room. :-)

And here's reason #82941 you should not let my girl have free reign over your smartphone. I may or may not have decided to look at Facebook yesterday and learned that the pic below was my new profile photo...

I also go to paint but had no idea what to make so the girl got a new light switch cover. It looks plain white but it actually has multicolored flecks in it that will "pop" once fired. Or so I hear...

Yesterday we went to church and then headed to my parents' house for Father's Day. We had great Mexican food (Donny's fav) for lunch and I ran into some sweet friends I literally haven't seen in years. All in all, it was a fab day.

This guy was missing his dad, though. Dave worked six 12-hour shifts in a row last week and Rambo was more than ready to have his daddy home for a while. He's got him for two whole days now so he's a happy boy!

Speaking of Father's Day, these are my two very favorite men in the world. There are little girls (and boys) who don't see their biological fathers for one reason or another and many are blessed to have men step in and fill that void. You see two such men below. And they're both very good at their jobs!

Donny continues to be my rock as he has been for many, many years.

And Davey is there for my girl at every turn. Though she's at an age when she doesn't like herself at times (much less any parental figure), she knows that he will not let her down when push comes to shove. And I am incredibly thankful for him.

Yes, in case you're wondering, he is a fun-loving goofball at ALL TIMES. And it's only one of the many things we love about him :-)

Happy Monday, y'all - it's a new fantastic week!