Friday, June 3, 2011

And then it was over...

Today is the girl's last day of fifth grade. There have been ups. There have been downs. There have been a lot of laughs and some tears. Lots of maturing, studying and growing up. 

And Taylor has has an interesting year as well.

Oh, I jest, y'all...

My girl walked out of the house this morning as a fifth grader for the last time. In a few short months she will begin her last year of intermediate school. 

With an incredibly young mother in tow.

And I kid again...

In all honesty, we all need a break. Time to recharge. A clean slate. A new chapter.

As always, God has provided exactly what we need when it's needed more desperately. We are incredibly grateful and are looking forward to an amazing summer. It's a very busy summer, for sure, but I've learned that time passes quickly and you may as well take the bull by the horns and enjoy every possible second.

Tonto been the main teacher of that lesson. :-)

And, for good measure, may I present my girl on the last day of school...

She was incredibly excited about taking pictures before 7am. And it shows. But that's ok - it's documented for posterity now.

Yes, these were taken with my point and shoot because I couldn't find Carl.

Carl is my camera's name.

Yes, we name inanimate objects in our home.

For instance, my car's name is Bob.

No, I'm not kidding this time.

Because you've now been subjected to our very own version of crazy, I'll give you an old pic of Rambo I found on said old camera this morning...

Happy Friday! Happy Summer! :-)