Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Summer Daze

This summer has been somewhat different than in the past due to the girl getting older and having more options from which to choose when it comes to activities. Instead of attending the same day camp week after week (each with its own daily activity), she's enrolled in a number of specific weeklong camps this time around.

It's a change, for sure, for someone (like me) who likes to have routine and stability. Type A much? :-) However, she seems to be having a blast. Even if the logistics of all this fun leave me looking a bit like this...

This week's offering is softball camp at Midway. She's had a blast and has come home each day hot, in desperate need of a shower, thirsty and tired. That doesn't sound great but I promise, y'all, that she really is having fun though she also takes on some of Prissy's characteristics for a couple hours after it lets out for the day.

Eventually she perks up and we settle into our new summer evening routine, which is basically not a routine at all. Friends, I must admit this is a bit nerve wracking for me. It involves me going to zumba and then coming home to figure out what we're willing to cook. I say "willing" because the heat and wind have been absolutely oppressive, which means a certain someone has been reluctant to fire up the grill. Something about the possibility of catching the house on fire makes ribs or steak less desirable, no?

There is one person in the house, though, who takes it all in stride...

This girl is sweet and docile no matter what comes her way. Including her rambunctious younger brother who is a little bit OUT. OF. CONTROL. these days...but in a perfectly normal almost one-year-old puppy kind of way.

But this is the mom of the posse and, quite frankly, maybe I just need to take some lessons from Priss and just enjoy chilling out with my family. That's actually one of my goals this summer - less busyness/activity and more soaking it in and enjoying the man and the girl. And the Puppy Posse. Always the posse :-)

That last one just made me smile. Our big girl has a hip problem so she really doesn't sit like this much anymore. When she does, it's even more special and I'm just glad I was able to capture the moment. Who needs to worry about laundry when there are photos to be taken, right?

Happy Wednesday, y'all!