Thursday, June 23, 2011

Entertainment by Rambo

Y'all, I have to admit that both Tonto and I were absolutely certain Bo was the most entertaining boxer ever to live for the eight years he was with us. Well, I think we're in the process of being proven wrong. 

Very, very wrong.

Why? Because he has a number of personalities, none of which he is afraid to share with the world. See?

This is a daily occurrence, not one that is staged, completed by offering copious amounts of treats or posed by humans.

It's almost enough to get him out of trouble on a daily basis as well. And, yes, he generally manages to find some type of trouble each and every day.

He even smiles...

Though if you truly want to see a smiley Rambo picture, you should check out Dogtopia's site this week. Mr. R is the dog of the week and he straight up looks like the dog in the Dentastix commercial. Hysterical!

But I'm not sure we'll get any photos soon that top this one...I personally think it speaks for itself...

All that work posing is apparently tiring...

...and we are so thankful for each and every moment of fun with this little guy! :-)