Thursday, June 2, 2011

Mad Dash to the Finish

The last week of school..., quite frankly, just a mad dash to the finish at this point.

...appears, to the outside observer, to be spent playing a lot of games with little instruction. :-) rough.

...contains a dance dress rehearsal and recital.

...gave my child a chance to show off her guitars skills but her mom completely forgot about it and missed it.

...said child didn't even want me there to begin with but then wanted to know why I didn't come.

...obviously didn't find me earning "Mother of the Year" honors.

...makes me wish I'd done a number of things differently throughout the year.

...makes me realize how much my girl has accomplished - and how much things have changed - throughout the school year.

...makes me wistful for this day...

First day of fifth grade

...makes me realize just how much my girl has grown up this year.

...has me wishing for summer so badly that you could probably even talk me into wearing a swimsuit at this point.

...finds me being one proud mama as the girl earned Commended performance on two out of three TAKS tests. And miss the third by only two points. 

...reminds me just how much I love being a mom.

...gets me excited for the first day in the fall. I know, I know, I'm a dork...BUT I just love the clean slate a new school year brings.

...has be busily planning multiple summer camps, a weekend trip to San Antonio, a weekend trip to Oklahoma, a beach vacation to South Padre and multiple outings with both the man and the girl. a busy but sacred time because these days will never come again. 

...and I wouldn't miss it for the world. :-)