Thursday, February 16, 2012

Not at All Weekly Top 10

We all know by now that this is not a weekly top 10 list but, you know, I'm out of ways to call that spade so we'll just pretend....

1. Last night the GA's hosted a tea for the women of our church. The food was delicious, the entertainment (Tebowing during the prayer) was delightful and watching my daughter clean dishes was marvelous. As was the soapy beard she donned before all was said and done.

2. Out of the four of us who participated in Valentine's Day activities, Tonto made out the best. He had an awesome bag made for him and it was filled to the brim with candy, pens and even a keychain. He works with some amazing nurses!

3. Rambo is back at Dogtopia today. It's the big Boxer Meetup and he couldn't miss it. Going two times in one week never happens so I told him this morning he was having "unprecedented fun."

4. He also woke up with a bad case of bed head. Boxer style.

5. I got my new order of Scentsy fragrances last night. For some reason this always cheers me up a great deal.

6. Though the calendar says differently, I'm convinced there is current a full moon effect going on. This week has been crazy, y'all.

7. We can't wait to watch the Lady Bears play the Lady Raiders on Saturday!!!

8. The men's basketball team is baaaaaack, friends. They were on fire Monday evening and we enjoyed every minute of it.

9. I finally got a haircut and it's made life so much better. Funny how that happens...

10. Tomorrow morning I will officially finish P90X. Can't tell you how excited I am about that development. For real.

Have a happy Thursday!