Tuesday, February 7, 2012

It Was Super!

So, yes, I went to Louisiana last week and I'll share some of that trip soon but there's a lot going on this week and I need some time to really think through that post so I'm going with fluffy stuff until then. Cool? Great!

So Saturday we did a lot of running around and Tonto totally spoiled both of us at Cavender's. Love. Him. (Not because he bought us things but because he is a softie with such a good heart.)

We ran a bunch of other errands and even went to the grocery store. It wasn't riveting but these were things that needed to be done and, quite frankly, I truly love being productive on the homefront so it was right up my alley.

Sunday came around quickly and Tonto headed to work (the beauty of being out on FMLA when a schedule is made...lots of erratic shifts :-) and the girl and I headed to church. It was a great morning and we had a nice lunch but then the exhaustion hit.

And I slept pretty much all afternoon.

Occasionally I would wake up and find Rambo intently watching the Puppy Bowl. As soon as it was over, he bounded off the bed and started trying out how new moves on Perkie. I found it amusing. She did not.

But I did finally wake up (feeling much better, thankyouverymuch) and the Super Bowl had already started. Who knew the game started so early? Not I, friends...not I.

So I decided it was time to prepare the main event. And we got to cooking...while watching lackluster commercials. Seriously - where was the funny factor?

By the time Tonto arrived home, though, we had some awesome snacks to enjoy while watching the Patriots lose. My dislike of a certain QB prohibits me from admitting in written form that he and his team won.

Clearly I'm not competitive. At all.

But these, y'all, were delightful...

...and we, of course, had some veggies to round out all the meaty goodness...

...and the dairy group was well represented also, friends...

But we most certainly saved the best for last.

Thank you, Gambino's Bakery in Lafayette, for delighting our tastebuds...

...and leaving a sweet taste in our mouths even though that team won. :-)