Monday, February 13, 2012

Giddyup Cowboy

Last Friday evening was the annual awards gala of the local Ad Club - otherwise known as the ADDY awards - so Tonto and I had a nice evening out. And even took a picture! 

Well, Taylor actually took the picture but I think it turned out well. The enthusiasm on Tonto's face is, honestly, almost overwhelming. :-)

It was held at the Texas Ranger Hall of Fame and has a Western theme. This meant Tonto got to wear boots and jeans and look at the exhibits so, basically, this was the best awards show ever for him. And John Wayne even made an appearance!

Before the presentation began we had a chance to view the exhibits, which was really nice. I hadn't been to this museum since I was in fifth grade so let's just say it had been a few years. My recollection was somewhat foggy though - ironically - I can remember exactly what I wore that day and that we had lunch on the banks of the river. Funny what the mind remembers years later!

Can I just tell you how awesome it was to learn you can actually have your name put on your boots? Who knew?

And I'm not big on guns but these were awful puuurty :-)

We eventually made our way back into Knox Hall and enjoyed a delicious BBQ dinner. And then the main event began...and my camera died. Oops!

I've gushed about the amazing group of folks I get to work with every day and, though I know awards can be subjective at times, it was nice to see our hard work recognized. Totally blessed to work with this group - thank you, Jesus!