Monday, February 27, 2012

Lazy Weekend

My plans for last weekend were pretty low key but everything pretty much got wiped off the 'to do' list when my girl sent me a text on Friday afternoon indicating she had fallen on the (very steep) stairs at school and twisted her ankle. Badly.

So badly that she asked Tonto to pick her up from the bus stop and, upon seeing the ankle in question, he let me know "she did it pretty good" and "won't be able to tell if it's broken until the swelling went down." Given all that we've been through with her and broken bones of various kinds, it sort of made my heart stop.

And it didn't help when I got home, saw for myself that it was incredibly (that seems to be an understatement) swollen and she could, in fact, barely walk on it. Cue the rest, ice, compression and elevation and add in a bit o' Aleve (all of which Tonto had already done when I got home) and give it 18 hours...and it was much better when she woke up Saturday morning.

But not so good that we ended up doing much of anything. I ran to sign her up for volleyball and to the grocery store while she remained on strict bed rest. Tonto was out of B6 and didn't want to wake me up so this is what I found in the bathroom...clever...and I totally got the point so it was also effective :-)

After picking up Subway for lunch, I ran by the new 7-Eleven and picked up a couple of these...

...because my girl had never heard of a Slurpee. Clearly my parenting was lacking in the beverage area. But that's been remedied and she was a fan, friends. Big. Fan.

Someone else was also a fan of us being home and piled up in the bed :-)

After cleaning the house a bit, it was time for Tonto to come home from work. We had homemade Texas Taters and they were delightful. Then Tay and I tried out the "Microwave Brownie in a Coffee Mug" was tasty but more cake-like than brownie.

Sunday morning I woke up with a really sore throat and an inability to talk. Yes, many were happy about that development. I, for one, was not. After some time, Mucinex and a steam treatment recommended by Tonto, I was almost good as new. Still some lingering allergy ickiness today but, overall, I'm much better. No doubt thanks to my girl serving me hot tea yesterday in one of the cute mugs she gave us for Valentine's Day...

And that pretty much catches you up with our weekend of excitement. Oh - I almost forgot - the girl got bored on Saturday afternoon and asked me to "figure out how to French braid" so we Googled it and she loves it. Has been wearing a braid since and it looks fantastic!

We're headed to Senior Night for the Baylor men's basketball team tonight. She woke up this morning and immediately gave me a list of players she must have her picture taken with before leaving the Ferrell Center. Wish us luck!