Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Day o' Love

So yesterday was a big day for one member of our family. Little Mister wasn't able to attend the big Valentine's Day party at Dogtopia last year because of an allergy flare but he was more than up to participating this year, friends!

After the girl and I picked him up last night, she headed to tumbling and then we all had a yummy dinner (if I do say so myself) of meatloaf, homemade mashed potatoes and corn. I'm not really sure how it happened but meatloaf appears to be my specialty. Amusing because it's not something we ate growing up but my girl has loved it since she was a toddler so we adapted. ;-)

Once the dishes were mostly cleaned up and put away, the girl helped Rambo go through his party bag.

Love this sweet face!

Prissy even got in on the action for a bit before Mr. Crankypants snapped at her :-(

He read each card with care...

...and was very excited about the number of treats his friends shared.

Going in for a good sniff of the loot!

Romeo brought home some sweet treats for his sissies as well so they wouldn't be left out of the fun.

Here's Priss after devouring enjoying hers...

Here's a pic of the treats before they were chomped to tiny bits. Aren't they precious?

And, no, my sweet Valentine did not send flowers this year but these will last forever. I absolutely love them!

Hope your day was sugary and sweet, y'all. :-)


bri said...

So fun! I have always loved the idea of Dogtopia. What a fun retreat for dogs! Our Duke is a bit of an alpha male and is a bit pushy at times. He gets along fine with other dogs and LOVES to play with them as long as they don't act aggressive toward him. hmmm lol.
So fun they had a party! haha
- LOVE your boots!! :0)

Minicoops said...

So cute.....i want a pair just like those!