Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Getting More Consistent Weekly Top 10

Slowly but surely getting more consistent with this random post. And it wasn't even a New Year's resolution! :-)

1. As you may know, today is Fat Tuesday. As you may also know, I grew up in Louisiana. Therefore, I was up before dawn boiling a chicken so it could cool today before becoming part of my Paw Paw's famous (in our parts) jambalaya for dinner. YUM!

2. Rambo got into the mood early this morning. We shall not speak of what he did to earn his beads. What happens during Mardi Gras is not discoverable by law. It may or may not have entailed early morning snuggling.

3. On a related note, if you ever want to stop Rambo dead in his tracks, put some beads on him. He stood up after this pic and was absolutely frozen until I took them off. Had no idea what to do with himself.

4. We had dinner at Red Lobster on Friday evening while the girl attended a talent show at school. They now have a four course meal for $15 that actually includes all healthy choices (sans the dessert, obviously) and it was delightful. Soup, salad and grilled shrimp. Yes, I had dessert. Don't judge :-)

5. We learned about 12 hours later that Rambo is allergic to shellfish. Good times...

6. As I'm sure you realized by yesterday's post, we attended the Lady Bears v. Lady Raiders game on Saturday evening. I give Tech basketball tickets to my dad for his birthday every year and this year he wanted to see the women instead of the men...wonder why? Anyway, we had a fabulous time and it was awesome to be on the floor as the confetti fell, the nets were cut down and just to celebrate with the coaches and players who sacrifice so much to perform at an elite level.

7. While we were standing on said floor, I excitedly asked my girl who she would like her picture taken with...Brittney, Odyssey, Destiny, Brooklyn, Mackenzie, etc. She looked at me right in the eyes and said "Kramer." That would be Kim Mulkey's son who is a junior at Tay's school, is the QB for our football team and just committed to play baseball at LSU. After my jaw dropped, we found him and this is now her most prized possession...

8. She may or may not have forced me to have that photo printed (in triplicate) so she could have it in her room, have one for her locker and one for her binder. Apparently several of her girlfriends didn't believe her so she just whipped her binder copy out... Love. Her.

9. Contrary to what it may seem, she has no interest in boys. Not much anyway. She doesn't want anything to do with a boy shorter than she is so that limits the options severely and leaves her only with choices that are much too old. So, basically, score for me and Tonto! At least for now...

10. RG3 received the Davey O'Brien Award last night and they had a Baylor themed dessert. How amazing is that? And he also signed with Adidas today (or at least announced it)...guess we can always say "we knew him when..."