Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Moody Gardens - Take One

After a leisurely breakfast on our second day of vacation, we headed over to Moody Gardens. My dad had told us it was definitely worth seeing and we're always up for an adventure. It certainly didn't hurt that you got a two-day pass when you bought a one-day ticket so, basically, SCORE!

We began our morning in the Aquarium Pyramid and we loved it. When it comes to our family, if you have water AND animals we can be entertained for hours upon end. We're complex like that... :-)
And don't even get me started on the seahorse exhibit because, seriously, I thought that level of cuteness had been outlawed for years.
Because Dave will be Dave, as soon as Tay stuck her hand into this area where you could touch starfish and other sea creatures, he made a sound like she'd been zapped. Everyone around us - including the staff - thought it was hilarious. I'm sure you can imagine how amusing (or not) my 'tween girl thought it was...we've since had some discussions about her mindset and what will exacerbate those crazy hormones. :-)
A giant shark - because what doesn't say relaxing and fun family day like a life size representation of an animal that could eat you?
Penguins - now that's much better. We were fortunate enough to get to this exhibit right before they began feeding the little guys. One of them was waiting very patiently next to the appetizer of ice they provided for his fish. We never actually saw someone walk over and give him the main course so (because we're animal lovers) we worried and talked about him all day.
Again - WHY?!?!?!
Ahhh...this picture was taken right about the time the 'tween monster came out for a bit. She looks innocent and all but Dave's face really kind of says it all, don't you think?
After the penguins, we headed to the giant fish tank (clearly my mind is not working this early in the morning) where the stingrays apparently thought Dave was their daddy. Seriously, they could not get enough of him.
Then we found a whole exhibit about sharks. Because the life size representations weren't enough of an education. In all honesty, Dave and Tay enjoyed it a great deal. I enjoyed that they found activities to bring them back together again after a brief meltdown. We all won.
Then we headed over to the Discovery Pyramid where we enjoyed a 4D log ride and a nice exhibit about immigration through the Port of Galveston. Our final destination for the morning was the Rainforest Pyramid, which was BEAUTIFUL! 

About this time the 'tween monster went over the edge for about 30 minutes so it was an interesting walk through the ol' pyramid but I personally enjoyed it a great deal. Can't speak for the rest of the fam but I thought it was awesome.
I take that back...Tay absolutely loved the parrots and macaws...
And Dave was convinced that all of the orchids were fake. Seriously?!?! Luckily, Mr. I'm Not Shy finally touched one and realized that I had actually not lost my mind and they were, indeed, alive and kicking.
After refreshments in the atrium (is food not my family's love language or what?), both the man and the girl perked up a bit and we headed to a 4D presentation of Happy Feet, which was really cute. Then we hit the 3D IMAX theater for Tahiti: The Ultimate Wave where we sat on the second row. For a movie all about water. In 3D. At the IMAX. If you've never been seasick before and want to experience it, friends, might I suggest this activity?

After the movie we headed over to Wal-Mart where we picked up groceries for the week and then headed to the condo for lunch and a little rest. It was much needed and got everyone back on the right track for the rest of the week. The girl had been at my mom's for VBS all week before vacay so she was exhausted but all was right with the world a short time later... 
 The evening we headed back to Moody Gardens for Band in the Sand at Palm Beach. This is their white sand lagoon area and it was awesome. Very relaxing, no jelly fish and you could watch dolphins swim in the bay while sitting in a waterfall. That's my kind of fun, y'all.

May I present He Who Has Never Met a Stranger?
There were fireworks later that night but we headed back to the condo pool to watch them so we didn't have to deal with the headache of everyone leaving at the same time. It was awesome and, after late night homemade tacos, we hit the hay to get ready for another day of fun in the sun.