Monday, August 16, 2010

Galveston - Day 1

Our journey to Galveston was made more interesting by the fact that 1) I had a flat tire on my way home from work (during the lunch our) while driving Dave's car (which I hate because it always has a flat when I drive it 2) the spare was flat 3) the first gas station we went to for Fix-a-Flat didn't carry it.

Yes, you read that right...

Once we finally got on the road, Dave handed me his favorite sunglasses to clean and they promptly broke in two in my hands. He was so disturbed about losing his faithful frames that he missed his turn and we went about 20 miles out of the way before he realized it and turned around.


But Bo didn't have any issues picking up where he left off when we went tubing. Nope, not a single issue...

Though having someone hug him from behind is apparently startling...
We settled in and had a great drive filled with lots of traffic due to our late sendoff. It couldn't dampen our spirits, though, because we were beach bound for 8 days. This guy had no idea what type of salty air was filling his nostrils upon our arrival but he was all about lapping up every minute.
After checking in at the condo, which was fabulous, we immediately hit the beach...

...and vowed to enjoy every single second. And enjoy it we did, my friends. 

The first high rise in this picture is our condo...the view was fantabulous!
We ran down Seawall to Benno's Cajun Seafood and enjoy some fantastic poboys made with shrimp straight from the Gulf (and we lived to tell about it so I think all is well). Now I'm a Louisiana girl who should be ashamed because my girl is 10 years old and this was his FIRST poboy EVER.

Oh the shame...

After eating, we grabbed Bo and took him down to the beach. He's really not much for water (unless it's a lukewarm bath in which he gets lots of attention and loving) but he never stopped wagging his little stumpy tail. Bless his heart.
I realize these pictures pretty much stink but, y'all, it was DARK.
After having my first (of three) encounter with a jellyfish, we decided it was time to head in for the evening. This was the night I learned that meat tenderizer is a wonderful cure for the stinging caused by such a bite/sting.

And my girl decided a large pickle would hit the spot. In fact, these events were pretty much simultaneous. :-)
The next morning we enjoyed a beautiful sunrise, which Tay couldn't avoid since she slept on the sleeper sofa and there were wall to wall sliding glass doors that opened to the balcony. She loved it but probably won't admit it...
...and Bo continued playing with his tennis ball. The night before he was so jazzed about vacation that he kept walking all over the woods floors (think clop, clop, clop with his thick toenails) and then would drop his ball (thing boooiiiinnnnggg). This happened over and over again while we were trying to go to sleep and it was stinkin' hilarious.
After a yummy breakfast, we headed off to Moody Gardens where Dave and I enjoyed a wonderful morning while Tay struggled with some 'tween mood swings. She livened up after an ice cream Snickers bar, though, which leads me to believe that she and I share the same love language.

More to come on Moody Gardens but I'm having to break all of these pictures into pieces as there are a lot of them. But, then again, you probably already knew that if you'd been reading here more than 1.5 seconds.

Long story short is that we had an amazing, relaxing, rejuvenating time where we spent much time together and managed to strike a good balance of laziness with activity. Something that wasn't quite possible at last year's destination (Disney World) but we honestly wouldn't trade either experience for the world. Vacation is such a blessing and I went out on the balcony more times than I can actually count and just looked at the beauty and said, "Thank you, Jesus."

Let the peace of Christ rule in your hearts, since as members of one body you were called to peace. 
And be thankful.
Colossians 3:16