Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Fifth Grade

We've been so busy this summer with trips (that I thank God for because we've been incredibly blessed) that I haven't had much time to dwell on the fact that my girl is going to be a fifth grader in just a few weeks. In intermediate school, y'all.

When did this happen?

She has already picked out and purchased (and by that, I mean Dave purchased :-) accessories for her locker. A LOCKER OF HER VERY OWN!!!

If I remember correctly, the color is something on the fluorescent spectrum that slightly burned my retinas upon viewing. Not anywhere near the psychadelic bedding currently gracing her sleeping quarters but still...bright!

But preparation for the fifth grade (I'm so Type A that the school supplies were purchased in early July. It's an illness, folks.) has brought about an unexpected little nugget of joy. Actually several nuggets in the form of skirts, cute dresses an affinity for hot pink and black as a color combination, a desire to purchase anything in the pink family, head bands with bows and - gasp - flowers (with a touch o' still my heart), and bejeweled earrings in various shades.

It's almost like I don't even know this child anymore. And, by child, I actually mean the rocker chick living in my home. But she's really coming into her own and this over-accessorizer simply could not be more excited about it.

Don't tell her but my wallet is pretty much open for most items in the pink family because it's been a LONG time since Miss Tay has had anything to do with that end of the color spectrum and, quite frankly, this mom is over the moon about this fun turn of events. :-)


Ang said...

I had to politely burst my incoming-5th-grader's bubble by informing him that his new locker is, in fact, NOT a safe deposit box. It is for school supplies, not trinkets from your room that you don't want your little brothers touching. ;)