Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The Big Arm Update

Yesterday Tay and I (pictured here with Cuddles, the newest member of our Build-A-Bear family) ventured down to Temple for a visit with Dr. Hamilton, who is the surgeon who did Dave's surgery in March. Wild Bill (his nickname) and I have a bit of a history as well seeing as how I practically kept him in business for the years of junior high and school. (In other words, I'm a clutz.)

Because Tay was injured on a weekend, she was seen and operated on by a doc from Lackland AFB in San Antonio. He is a really nice guy but, quite frankly, he's used to putting people back together in a combat zone. This lead to several problems including what has been referred to as a "ghastly" scar and a comfort level (not mine) with the girl being short several degrees of extension in her elbow despite many exercises and much scar tissue ripped apart in my hands.

Anyway, we decided to transfer her care to Dr. Hamilton because we know and trust him. We also wanted to have the hardware removed from her arm sooner rather than later as it can get more difficult to remove with time. We learned that her arm has now completely healed and that bone is even growing on top of the plate in one small area. We also learned that a capsular release can be done on the tendons that, with therapy, will allow her to have full extension of her arm again. This is a biggie to me. Like, HUGE!

My theory is that she's 10 and there's no reason for us not to do everything in our power to ensure her elbow is as close to pre-injury as possible. She will also have a scar revision, which will entail them removing the entire scar and starting over again.
Because we have had a number of conversations about this lately and her anxiety level has been high, I know it was nothing other than God who gave her peace and comfort about what is to come. As of yesterday, it's absolutely "no big deal" as long as we "do it after my birthday." :-)

Some may remember that she was injured a week before her birthday last year so it's important to her that it not be foiled again. And we can definitely accommodate that request. 

Long story short, another surgeon - Dr. Fornfeist (who Dave knows and is very impressed with) - will be performing the procedure because he's a hand and upper extremity specialist. He is out of the office until Wednesday but Dr. Hamilton is going to talk with him upon his return and call me to schedule surgery and/or an appointment with Dr. F.
I'm so very grateful that we have options and that Taylor is getting the best care possible. It is also a huge blessing that she is at peace with this situation. I want nothing more than for her not to have to deal with this anymore and, quite frankly, I struggled for a while with this decision before giving it to Him and letting Him work it out.

Why do I always do that?

But, in true form, He has seen us to this point (as always) and I have no doubt my girl will be better off in the long run.  :-)


Callie Bright said...

I am sorry to here that Taylor is going to have to have surgery, but it sounds like you are doing everything right. Keep your faith and keep us updated so we can pray on the day of the surgery that all will be well. She is a special little girl and I can see your love for her when you look at her. I have a great picture I want to send to you of her at VBS. I will try to do that tonight. Tell her I said 'Hi'.