Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Youngest

Continuing through the members of the Puppy Posse, we've come to the youngest member. Her name is Perkie. She's a rescue pup who was obviously not treated well in her younger years. (Side note: I have no tolerance for people who are mean to animals. NONE.) We've worked with her for almost 3 years now and she's still a scaredy cat (pun intended) much of the time.

Another interesting naming story: my mom had a dog when she was younger whose name was Perkie. No one had ever told Tay about that dog but when we picked this little one up and I asked Tay what we should name her, the first thing that came out of her mouth was, "For some reason I've been thinking Perkie." 

Isn't that awesome?

Tay's Perk and my mom's Perk also share the birthday month of December.

If you've been reading here long, you've seen most of these pics. Why? Because this little one is deathly afraid of the camera. Seriously. Like, she runs into the other room kind of fear. So she's usually caught by surprise or someone is holding her when we get snapshots of her...and sometimes - as is evidenced above - that leads to less than flattering shots of our gal.
Perk turned 3 in December and she definitely the quintessential "youngest child." She gets into all kinds of stuff and creates more mischief than should be legal. And every time we get on to her, she runs away and leaves the older two to take the lecture. She's a dachshund/terrier mix, which is why her ears stick our like airplane wings, and she climbs any and everything. Including the backyard fence. 

She detests being confined, which has caused issues with the local dog catcher. Let's just say he's not exactly our biggest fan. It's hard to contain an animal that once bent the metal bars of her cage just to escape. Or who, upon thinking she was locked inside a room, decided it might be possible to dig her way out by first shredding the carpet. Nope, not kidding. She climbs the chain link fence like a ladder and has now figured out how to wrap her lead around the basketball goal until she can slip out of her collar.

It's just not right, y'all.

All that being said, though, we love her dearly. And it cracks me up to no end that she consistently steals the big dogs' bones and hides them under our bed because she knows they can't get under there to retrieve said bonds. Our sneaky little Perkie is afraid of her shadow and bad weather but dearly loves her Taylor.

I promise...despite what the above picture would indicate. They were playing and having a ball. Until the camera came out...