Friday, May 21, 2010

The man, the girl and the bowling alley

If you previously read about my adventures in bowling or have heard my repeated whining on either Facebook or Twitter, you will be happy to know that the league season has ended. Actually it ended two week ago but, honestly, I needed some time to recover from the experience before discussing it publicly.

That may sound a wee bit dramatic to you. To that I say, clearly you weren't there to witness the carnage on a weekly basis. A great deal can happen in 15 weeks. For example, when we began hitting the lanes, Tay was still working hard to straighten her arm after breaking her elbow and Dave hadn't even seen the ortho surgeon yet.

The problem was more that the league was on Thursday evenings. As in the night before Friday. You know, the night of the week you just want to veg. Lucky for us, there was one consistently bright spot...

You know, when the 'tween hormones weren't kicking...
What can I say? The girl has a love for hats. All hats. Particularly off the wall hats. And matching them to her outfit is not a priority.
Behold the one who got me into this mess to begin with. Note that he is sitting - not bowling - and spent more of the time on crutches while Tay took up his slack. Perhaps you now understand why our team was called Three Strikes & a Gimp.
The guy in the black shirt is Dave's co-worker, Bob. Side note: Isn't it funny that both of these big tough guys work with neonatal patients? That thought always makes me giggle. Anyway, our teammates were Bob and his sweet wife, Cheryl. For some reason I didn't get a picture of her but just know that she's a doll.
Miss Thang doing her thing... Additional side note: Bowling is great rehab for a broken elbow as the weight of the ball helps the arm to straighten out whether the one holding the ball wants it to or not.

All snickering at my scores aside, we really did have fun and since it was the Total Package League, we got a ball, shoes and a bag at the conclusion. Just what I needed - elimination of all future excuses to bowl again.

We opted to upgrade our balls and forgo the shoes and bag. Apparently we'll be hitting Academy to stock up on those staples. I can hardly wait. 

Perhaps you sense some bitterness about the ball. You would be correct; however, I contend that anyone who had their heart set on a pink ball only to find that it was discontinued during the time the league was going on would be a tad bitter as well.

Last Saturday morning our balls were in so we took them over to the Pro Shop where they were custom drilled. Who knew such a thing existed? Not I, said the fly.

Anyway, we had a practice game that confirmed what I mistakenly learned on the last night of the problem all along had been that I was not using a ball that was heavy enough. My score improved drastically once I jumped up to the bigger ball.

Look what happened...
Yep, I broke 100.
Two games in a row. It was like I didn't even know who I was anymore.

Note: This was a handicapped league so my actual score is in the 10th frame...the larger number is with the handicap. I'm not embarrassed (well, not much anyway) to tell you that my handicap was higher than Tay's when she was playing for Dave.

In order to continue providing friends and family with the perils of my bowling journey, I have agreed to play in another league. You're welcome.

Not until the fall, though. Sometimes a girl just needs some time to lounge by the pool between sporting events, y'all.