Saturday, May 29, 2010

Bat Dog or Bat Girl?

Last Saturday afternoon Tay headed to the Baylor Ballpark with the children's group from our church. She had a really great time and came home with one of her favorite souvenirs EVER - a miniature bat. Apparently they were having an autograph session after the game so each person received a small bat for signatures.

Unfortunately, one of Tay's sweet friends fell ill so they left a bit early and didn't get to attend the signing party. She didn't let that stop her fun, though, as she found a very capable and lively bat girl at the house.

She eventually perked up for one photo but I'm not so sure the guarding of the bat is Prissy's calling....
In other news, it appears I've passed on some of my Type A behavior to my child because, shortly after these photos were taken, she procured a Pledge wipe and spent an hour polishing this little beauty. We've since retired it for viewing only as I'm afraid it would straight slip out of someone's hand if they tried to swing it. :-)