Thursday, May 13, 2010

One Circus Arrives As Another Goes Home

So my grandmother did really well overnight (and even sent my mom home from the hospital last evening) and she was discharged early this morning. Last time I heard from the group (mom, Don and Maw Maw), they were almost to her house and were planning an extended naptime for the afternoon. :-)

In other news, Tay and I are going to the circus this evening. I generally try not to do these types of outings on school nights; however, I'm also frugal so the $10 tickets for any seat in the house pretty much made my mind up quickly. And we scored box seats at that price so it was a serious deal. Too bad they didn't have the same deal when we went to the PBR event.

I don't have much more to say, honestly, because I'm suffering from some serious allergies and from my own lack of good judgment. For future reference, might I suggest that if one has not attended a step aerobics class for approximately six years, the first one they go to when getting back in the groove should not be one that requires choreography involving two benches at once.

My calves are not happy. And they're not being quiet about it.

Bo is recovering nicely from his surgery. I sure wish my checkbook was recovering as quickly from said surgery/illness. The secondary condition he developed, which required a Preparation H purchase, seems to be under control. I wouldn't know details because that is Dave's problem, if you know what I mean, but from what I've heard things are looking up in the area.

Dave is also doing well now that he's walking and driving again. I have to tell you there is something very nice about a man who is itching to run errands because he hasn't been able to do so in 10-12 weeks. Very, very nice...if you catch my drift... :-)

Assuming we don't ride off into the sunset on an elephant tonight, I'll be back one day with pictures...perhaps not one day soon but still...